[ Associated with Citta Alveare. ]

[ He didn’t know any Lacies himself.. Lacie was the name of the song on Oz’s watch, of course, and it was a name. But even with newly refreshed memories, he couldn’t think of a person to put it to. They probably meant another Lacie anyways, so he completely dismissed it and moved on. Then it left Jack and Glen. He almost instantly refused the idea when it came to Jack. Surely, eventually he’d have to run back into the man and confront him, but it wouldn’t start with a hug. No, that was the last thing he wanted to do when it came to him. He just sighed, this was going to be difficult even if it were to be with Glen.. His Master- He hadn’t seen him in a while, and to confront him for something so stupid was still a thing he didn’t want to look forward to. He might as well though.. If it meant that he was going to be left alone by the Anons. He collected himself, thought it over for a while, and he finally went to go do just that. ]

[ He came up with a good excuse to leave so suddenly to Oz, something about a job in another sector he needed to handle, and he was out without a proper explanation quickly enough. He just wanted to get this over with— Though, there was an issue.. He didn’t know which Apartment Glen stayed at. Nor did he even know the Sector they lived in, so the very best he could accomplish was to simply wander around their original meeting place nervously. It was around Sector oo5 wasn’t it? He doubted even if they lived in this place that they commonly strolled by that exact area, but what else was he to do? This was too much of a hassle. ]