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[ Now, while he accepted it graciously.. Doing it was another matter entirely. Asking where he got the outfit was also out of the question, but when you thought about it there should have been only one culprit in mind. Of course. Though it didn’t mean he wasn’t going to go through with what he promised.. ; One night of complete and utter embarrassment was something he’d be willing to face if it meant he’d be safe from fluffy little critters in the future. Ones that Oz would probably put on his face every morning to wake him up.. or throw at him while he was in the shower. Ohh, those were awful memories of his childhood that he didn’t look forward to reliving. Yes yes, it did assure him that he could do this though. He wasn’t so much of a failure that he couldn’t embarrass himself! ]

[ The outfit was incredibly uncomfortable, regardless. Cat ears, a short black top that only covered his chest and left a chunk of his scar visible for the whole world to see.. The tight pants hardly bothered him, though the long tail that was attached gave him shudders just to look at it. It was too realistic for him! ( You may remember this outfit from a certain doujin.. ) And his Master.. Oz was.. somewhere—! Taking a shower or something, he couldn’t remember but he’d taken the chance to steal the bedroom for some twenty minutes or so to get prepared. And now he was just pinning himself to the bedroom door with one hand over his heart like he was about to keel over from some kind of attack. He looked so horribly stupid right now that he was half tempted to just go out and buy the fucking cat for the boy and burn the outfit while the other wasn’t looking! ]

[ But no.. he promised he’d do this. He promised..! ]

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